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Inauguration of Daniel‘s Statue
During a special ceremony, Daniel’s statue was ...
21-11-2012 11:58
Culture- Art
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During a special ceremony, Daniel’s statue was inaugurated by a group of Torontonian artists. This statue was built by Ruhi Tuna, an Azerbaijani sculptor. In this ceremony, in addition to various artists, Daniel’s students were also present. After the inauguration, Daniel’s students performed numerous opera pieces. Moreover, the outstanding Azerbaijani singer, Mr. Hassan Anami performed songs and Mrs. Narmineh accompanied him on piano.
•    Maestro Daniel Eby was born in Chicago into a musical and music loving family. His mother, a singer, encouraged him to sing from early age. His dream of becoming a professional singer, ultimately led him to New York City, where after a year he entered the renowned Curtis Institute of music and spent four years there learning his craft. The Vietnam War led him spend additional two years at Temple University getting his master’s degree in Vocal Performance.
While beginning his career as a singer, on the East Coast of US, he found the time to study Vocal Pedagogy in New York City over an eight year period. Upon immigrating to Toronto, this study of Vocal Pedagogy led to founding of Daniel’s own “New school of Classical Vocal Studies”, which continues today after 27 years. This school has endevoured to capture the hearts and minds of his pupils and manifest his love for classical singing.
Daniel is particularly proud of two events his school has produced: Firstly, in 1993 NSCVS produced Motzart’s Don Giovanni with a cast of singers whose average age was 19, probably the youngest cast ever to sing this masterpiece, and secondly, in 2001, NSCVS produced a 50th anniversary production of Menottis Christmas Opera, Amele and the Night Visitors. Several members of that cast attended the inauguration ceremony.
Daniel wishes everybody know that nothing is more important to him than his work with singing stars “Cabbage Town Classical youth Choir”. They are among the best he has ever taught and he is certain that there are some brilliant future stars among them. His life is blessed by the opportunity to see and hear these youngsters grow and blossom in front of his very eyes.

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21-11-2012 11:58
Culture- Art
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